Nowadays, considering serial production, it seems to be out of fashion when it comes to speak about hand-forged wrought iron. Despite this, the “FucinArte” continues to have success in promoting the originality and in gaining acknowledgement of its unique handicrafts. This makes its strong point in the context of today's market. “FucinArte” succeeds in meeting customer’s needs, valuing each artisanal piece for its originality, and customizing it in its manufacture as a unique piece. The “culture” of handmade units of wrought iron, where the central figure is attributed to the artisan creating them, should be reassessed at the time of choice, with regard to products made ​​with assembled elements. In this context, the economic reasons often force to run toward repetitive forms. The artisans from the “FucinArte” are considered to be part of the ancient craft traditions, maintaining and disseminating the original handicraft trend from generation to generation.


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