The Photovoltaic systems are capable of converting solar energy that reaches the Earth into electricity. This energy can be used locally or sold directly to the electric provider. The strong development of renewable energy technologies, the high cost of traditional fuels and government incentives recently approved by Energy Bill, make Photovoltaic systems a more secure and profitable investment for the next 30 years. Kiepe is able to offer complete solutions, by identifying the type of system that best suits the particular industrial area, until the detailed design and subsequent implementation. For these systems, “FucinArte” is able to offer:
- Analysis of the electrical loads and the identification of the size and type of installation more suitable for the respective needs;
- Analysis of the solution to be purposed;
- Preparation of preliminary project;
- Preparation of documentation required for any approvals, financing and / or incentives, in regard to energy;
- Development of detailed design;
The design and management practices is carried out by “FucinArte”.


“FucinArte” is committed to ensuring treatment and professionalism required by the installation of the photovoltaic system. It also relies on a consolidated collaboration with a network of competent installers. When the preparation of the worksite is completed, the installation proceeds as follows:
- Installation of support structures;
- Installation of photovoltaic panels;
- Installation of inverters, panels, drains and gutters;
- Completion of electrical wiring;
- Testing of the solar system. During the test phase, performance and functioning of the overall installation are verified.


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