Giuseppe Cistaro was born in Mesoraca, a small Calabria’s (Italy) countryside, on May 12th 1944. After graduating from high school, he decided to move to the northern Italy and to enroll in the Professional school “Bernocchi” in Legnano, where he developed his widely recognized artistic creativity. Giuseppe Cistaro worked for about 10 years in an artisan shop on the borders of Italy (Ponte Tresa, province of Varese), where he learned many artistic techniques regarding hot metal forging and wrought iron furniture. Later he decided to return to his native place and to open his own artisan shop “FucinArte”. This shop, despite high tide of industrialization taken place in the field, remains faithful to the artisan techniques for already over 30 years of its uninterrupted activity. The locally produced “FucinArte” handicrafts represent high quality exclusive items tailored specifically for any environment. The designer and performer of all these handicrafts is the master craftsman Giuseppe Cistaro. Admiring the artifacts coming from his hands, one can understand the importance and the present value of this art based on the ancient and noble origins. Using his artisanal experience and skills, Giuseppe Cistaro succeeds in carrying out different innovative ideas, bending the iron according to customer’s will. This passion for the wrought iron has been transmitted to his son Nicholas who, having much creativity since childhood, succeeds in modeling the iron as well as his father does.
The maestro Giuseppe Cistaro is considered to be a real contemporary artist of wrought iron. Throughout all his activity, Giuseppe Cistaro has produced countless handicrafts, many of which are located within sanctuaries, monasteries and churches. Among these handicrafts there are: the pedestal of the Madonna of Capocolonna in Crotone (Italy);  the production of several precious items in wrought iron located inside the convent of Saint Anthony, in Rende (Italy), as well as many other works carried out within private structures.
The weekly magazine "Panorama" published an article, which defines Giuseppe Cistaro one of the best artisans nationwide. In 2004, Giuseppe Cistaro received the title of “Master craftsman” from the Calabria’s Region (Italy), for the experience and originality of his products. In 2006, the Calabria’ Region assigned to Giuseppe Cistaro the Brand of origin and quality for his artistic and unique craftsmanship.


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